BWG Outputs

Hello and welcome to the WED Movement update.

This website presents
a critical juncture
in our process:
the BWG outputs.

Each BWG generated
in-depth reports around their findings and recommendations...

these have been distilled here as a
digestible resource.


As well as reviewing BWG teams and objectives, in brief, the outputs are presented as short slideshows summarising the context and solutions identified by the teams.

To support these we have created a factsheet style ‘Medium Dive’ version of each report, and the original long-form versions are available if you wish to read into each output in more depth.

The outputs presented on this site are the result of

BWG Team Meetings
Formal Stakeholder Interviews Conducted
Cross- BWG Sessions
Knowledge Transfer Sessions

During the process of designing our outputs, we took a moment to consult with the real experts.

This is their take on the questions we asked ourselves...

Our outputs are grouped under the following BWG categories

You can also navigate to these via the menu at the 
top right of the screen. Enjoy!